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Web Sites Designed for Results!

When you need a Web site that’s designed to get bottom-line results, David R. Yale, Direct Marketer is your best choice! We create Web sites that are based on your marketing strategy. They're designed to get the job done, without expensive – and unneeded – bells and whistles.

Our Web sites are easy to navigate … easy to read … interesting … and inexpensive.

Since I have more than 15 years of direct marketing experience, I know all the tricks of the trade – from grabbing attention to playing on emotions. In a nutshell, I know how to motivate customers to open their wallets – and place orders!

I handle the entire project, from strategy and planning, through concept, copy, design and production, so you never have to worry about coordinating a bunch of vendors. I make Web site planning and production a pleasure.

Here’s how to contact David R. Yale, Direct Marketer. We’ll be pleased to discuss your Web site plans with you.

David R. Yale, Direct Marketer:


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