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The "Mob" Doubled My Response!

Package: IPO Insider

Product: Financial Newsletter

Client: Marketing & Publishing Associates

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       A 4" x 7" lift note doubled the response rate -- even though this package was copy-heavy with a 12-page letter. It was a low-risk test I couldnít refuse. Neat. Clean. Easy. And cheap at less than $20/m.

       What was on that 4" x 7" sheet? I wrote a story about the "mob" in the lift note!

       The mob in a lift note?? Well, yes! There was a credible connection. The package was for an investment newsletter, The IPO Insider. An article in The New York Times had warned investors that mob activity in Initial Public Offerings could spell disaster for individual investors. But the IPO Insiderís editors warn subscribers about signs of mob presence in IPOs.

       I had the raw material for a real stopper. The unexpected subject matter jumped right off the page, grabbed the audience, and got them to open their wallets. The package was A/B split with and without the lift note. The lift note doubled response.

       I developed the creative concept and wrote the copy. The promotion was profitable, it launched the product successfully, and this package was control for almost a year.

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