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Legend of Katherine the Great Pulls 9.38%

Package: Czarina Ring

Product: Costume Jewelry

Client: Lindenwold Fine Jewelers

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       We needed a marketing concept that would make a rather ordinary ring seem special to our customers. After all, we were really selling romance, not jewelry.

       The "legend" I created worked well: 9.38% of the prospects ordered on the first rollout. The "stamp" is a replica of a Russian postage stamp, enlarged to meet postal regulations. Not only does it set the tone for the "legend," it is a great attention-getter, and serves as a transfer device, as well.

       The Indicia is the red "rubber stamp" that looks like part of the cancellation.

       The package produced strong results for two years, a very respectable life in sweeps-driven jewelry marketing.

       We happened to find a Russian stamp we liked, but you could create any stamp with a design thatís custom-made to help close sales. Just get input from the Mail Piece Designer at your Post Office before you start.

       I developed the concept and handled creative direction. Copywriter Denny Cline contributed to the concept and wrote the copy.

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